Shortlisted for QS Reimagine Education Award

The Master level course “Learning Design and Technology” and the course team from the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong has been shortlisted for the Presence Learning and Teaching Award at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2020: known as the “Oscars” of Education, for the project “ A Learning Design Framework and Technology Tool to Promote Learning Design as Multilevel Pedagogical Practice”. The QS Reimagine Education Award was set up to recognize projects that bring education in line with the changing socioeconomic realities marked by imagining and implementing steps necessary to bring education in line with technological progress, i.e. reimagining education for a fully digitalized, fully connected world. The Presence Learning and Teaching Award is designed to recognize projects that have created and implemented outstanding new approaches to teaching and learning, particularly those that can demonstrate the uniqueness, innovation, and efficacy of their pedagogy.

The course “Learning Design and Technology” has been implemented in the Master of Science in Information Technology in Education (MITE) program for over three years. It addresses the design challenge often encountered by learning design professionals, including teachers, instructional designers, and educational technologists: difficulties in navigating the complexities in learning design and articulating a variety of pedagogies, resources and learning environments to design a coherent learning experience for learners.

To address these challenges, the course team adopted a mission-focused constructionist inquiry approach, underpinned by the conceptual framework, the Learning Design Triangle (LDT), and supported by a technology platform, the Learning Design Studio (LDS), to structure a holistic and comprehensive learning design process. Students were organized in “interprofessional” groups of 3 to 4 members with diverse experience and disciplinary backgrounds to work collaboratively on designing a mini-course of 3-4 lessons. Each week, students presented their design progress to make their learning visible, followed by comments, critiques, clarifications and the teacher’s introduction of new concepts and resources for the next stage of design, and finishing with design studio time in groups.

In the process of course design, the course participants became aware of the need for explicit alignment across different levels of design. A large majority of students found the technology platform LDS helpful in guiding them through the successive levels of design, and to visualize the connections across different levels.

The course team is gratified to observe, through the quality of the courses designed by our students and their end of course feedback that they are maturing as competent learning designers.

Course team members: Nancy Law, Leming Liang, Daisy Chen

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This project is part of the HKUST MIT Research Alliance Consortium project "An Open Learning Design, Data Analytics & Visualization Framework for E-Learning (ITS/306/15FP)", funded by the Innovative Technology Fund of the HKSAR.